Be Brave

Be Brave
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May 14, 2013

Got Any Loners?

    Of course you do; every congregation has them. Especially those who are without friends. Those people in your church who seem to blend into the wall paper, or into the crowd. There are those who hide in a large church for many reasons. Often they hide from rejection. They've been hurt enough times that they just won't risk the pain, but they see their need for God, and so they come to church, and hide.

May 12, 2013

CHURCH SPLITS: Could they be the judgment of God?

     Has your church split? Ours has. More than once. We used to think that it was 'their fault.' We used to think we were right, and that if it hadn't been for 'them' our church would be happy and healthy today. Happy and healthy. No. Our church was suffering the same malady as is the rest of the Church in America: The Ephesus Syndrome.